Oct / 4

London screening at Hundred Years Gallery

La Badil will be screening in London on October 24th at Hundred Years Gallery as part of a photo exhibition and film retrospective being organised by Sandblast in commemoration of the 40 years of the struggle in Western Sahara.

Sep / 10

Premiere in Iran

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 21.52.25The Iranian premiere of La Badil will take place later this month at the Resistance International Film Festival.

Taking place in Tehran from 20th-24th September, the festival will be showing films that feature resistance against colonization and autocracy. Read More

Sep / 20

La Badil to screen at FiSahara

La Badil, will be screened at FiSahara International Film Festival – held in the Sahara Desert.

It’s taking place from 8th-13th October in the Sahrawi camps in Algeria, north Africa. Read More

Sep / 5

‘Best Documentary’ nomination

La Badil has been shortlisted in the ‘Best Documentary’ award category at the 2013 Portobello Film Festival in London. Read More